There are a few other philosophies regarding Soul Therapy. Through this post, I wish to clarify what I regard as Soul Therapy.

Soul Therapy : Perspective, Process, Application
1. World View and Behavioral/Relationship Evidence: God, Creation, Others, and Self        (see HHM)
2. Bio-Psycho-Socio-Spiritual Optimum Health and Performance Package versus less than optimum health and performance package.
(See DBT)
3.What Myths do you live by (includes B-MOVIES playing) and Evidence?
4.  What multigenerational trauma or overcoming legacies helpful or hurtful needed or not needed? Experienced or Inherited? Evidence?
5. Unneeded and unnecessary grief (Crucified or Crucifying Potential) in BPSS . Evidence?
6. Are you hell building or heaven building. Skills? Evidence?
7. Crucifixion or Resurrection focus for Life. Skills? Personal Story Writing and Speaking Past, In the Present, and Going Forward? Evidence?