Soul Therapy for Champions

How to Bring Your “A” Game, When Life Throws a Sucker Punch

This is part memoir and part self-help book.

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“My coaching sessions with Dr. Nick has excavated and unveiled my true self. I have learned that I am a creator who co-creates with the Creator to build heaven where hell previously existed by unlocking the “gates of hell” with the “key of love”.  I have learned of my limitless nature that has the ability to drive me to my purpose, destiny, optimum potential, and health. My being is not limited and is rooted within my Creator. The application of this knowledge ensures healthy “doing” and “belonging” that becomes a measurable outcome leading to continuous growth when I continually choose to implement the principle of my being. I have learned how to observe behaviors in my environment so that I am able to respond rather than react. I have also outgrown familial enmeshment as a result of being centered in my being. I have learned to abort suffering by embracing the struggles of life. Dr. Nick has coached me to championship and I have many more championships to win.” Chaplain Jeremiah PageM.A. Chaplaincy, M.A. Theological Studies, BCCC, BCPC


“In 2013 I was a freshman on the University of South Carolina Softball team and that is when I was introduced to Dr. Nick. He taught us that teams with a championship culture have players who choose to act like a champion every single day. He personally impacted me with his guidance and resources like, “Removing Negatives and be your Best” and “Progressive Relaxation”, that prepared me to perform in the zone with energized focus. Dr. Nick repeatedly reminded me that “when you’re in the zone you don’t have to try to do anything because you already know what to do” as a reminder that my choices prepare me to succeed. He continues to have an impact in my life as a mentor and friend who empowers me to pursue my goals without limits and be a champion by choice.” Kaylea Snaer, coach


“Dr. Nick worked with my son first, when he was 13-years-old. He helped him shift his thinking paradigm. Later, he used hypnosis to help him with a medical challenge. I was impressed with his work. So that made me think let me see what he can do for me. I was happy with both my son’s results and mine.” Karen Jones, Certified Public Manager, PAP and Mom


“Without question [he has] changed the lives, in a very positive way, of the athletes that have been involved in our program at the Olympic Center.”

Ernest J. Vande Zande, Former Director of NRA National Junior Olympic Shooting Program and shooting operations at US Olympic Training Center, Retired World Champion Rifle Expert

“Dr. Cooper-Lewter is a brilliant educator and a wonderful person.  He is very forthcoming with his knowledge and encourages all around him to grow intellectually and prosper.  A family man, he is well respected and honored for his integrity.  It has been a wonderful experience to meet a man of his caliber.”

Mary Heath-Cherry LMSW, QIDP at Midlands Center, Columbia, SC